Quick - ƭ - Tie

Characters: ƭ

Tags: (none)

Arity: depends

The resulting link's arity depends on the consumed links, but will be of fixed arity when returned. This is different from variadic links, whose arity can change or be coerced by context or other quicks. Note that the arity refers to that of the resulting link, not the number of links this quick consumes.


Tie multiple links together; cycle through them each time the link is called.


The resulting link's arity is the maximum of its combined links' arities (or if all are nilads, the resulting link is monadic). Each time the link is evaluated anywhere, call the current sub-link, then cycle to the next sub-link. For example, 10R HḤƭ€ returns [0.5, 4, 1.5, 8, 2.5, 12, 3.5, 16, 4.5, 20].