Quick - Ƭ - Repeat Until No Longer Unique (Collect All, Fixed Right Argument)

Characters: Ƭ

Tags: hyper , array

Arity: same

The resulting link's arity is the same as the consumed link's arity. Note that the arity refers to that of the resulting link, not the number of links this quick consumes.


Repeat a link until the result is no longer unique, returning all unique results. The right argument is fixed if present.


Unlike its counterparts, ÐL (Repeat Until No Longer Unique), ÐĿ (Repeat Until No Longer Unique (Collect All)), and ÐḶ (Repeat Until No Longer Unique (Collect Loop)), if the link is dyadic, the right argument remains fixed. For niladic links, it will return [None, z] as a result of undefined behavior. For example, to evaluate 1 +%10ɗ Ƭ 1, we begin with 1. The next value is 1 + 1, then 2 + 1, then 3 + 1, then 4 + 1, etc. Eventually, we reach 0 + 1 (because of the % 10), which is not unique, so the result is [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0].